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Work History

Retiree Vounteer Work
Since retiring from Fedex in December, 2013, I've worked as a telecommute web developer for Caritas Virginia (CARITAS) and the History of Computers for Learning and Education (HCLE), an online museum.
My work for CARITAS was to make some bug fixes and complete some development when their funding ran out for a paid developer.
I am currently developing a Catalog Maintanance System for HCLE's inventory. This includes access control and a search function.

I worked 28 years at FedEx developing software and providing support for Application Performance Management (APM). I worked in the Software Development, APM and Information Security departments there.

I started in Information Security and supported RACF, dial-in connections and automated some of the manual departmental tasks. At the time we were focusing on security for the mainframe computers running IMS on MVS, as well as the CMS and TSO environments.

I then moved to the aircraft weight and balance support team. There I developed a PC based clone of the mainframe system and managed distribution of the software and data files throughout the U.S. before TCP/IP was available on the PC. We used Watchdog PC Security to restrict access to the PCs and control access to the files on the PC. Distribution was managed through dial-up modem connections and scripts developed using the modem software. This application is still used throughout the world by FedEx.

I then moved to a client/server area where our team developed the first FedEx Web Portal, followed by a scanning application to collect package movement data for packages in the Memphis Hub. This application used industrial scanners, keypads and printers. My team was also responsible for configuring the connections and hardware between the servers and the Hub sort area. This application used Informix, then Oracle databases. The response time between the scanning the barcode and the audible response from the server was less than 1/2 second. The second phase of this project was to put InfraRed receivers throughout the hub to permit near-real-time collection of the scan data from the SuperTrackers in the Hub. I lead this project from start to finish.

In the same client/server area, I began handling the scan data collection from around the globe and generating revenue generating data for the packages as they moved through the sorting facilities. Several million scans were collected each day. Processing was done without a database. However, for data validation a MySql database was built to allow quick reference to the raw scan information. Web pages were built using PHP, to permit monitoring of the data collection processes and Unix servers. This monitoring provided at-a-glace view of the up/down status of each component as well as clickable links to see the details of any problems.

My final eighteen months at FedEx I was primary support for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) for over 7500 servers and over 300 applications. When I came into this group, APM monitoring was with CA's Wily product. During my last year we tested and began the migration to AppDynamics APM solution. During this time I oversaw integration of AppDynamics into the application, access control to the APM data and assisted the development teams to identify performance issues with the application, network and databases.

Leader Federal Savings and Loan, Memphis, TN from December 1983 to February 1986 and December 1974 to April 1976
I worked as a Computer Programmer on both the savings and loan systems. My work included maintenance of in-house developed software and Hogan Systems Banking Software. The systems were IBM mainframe computers running CICS. During the seventies I worked as a Computer Operator.

Caterpillar Tractor, Memphis, TN from October 1979 to July 1981 and December 1981 to December 1983
I was a Computer Programmer for the largest manufacturer of earthmoving equipment. My supervisor frequently made comments about how effectively I was able to manage several projects at the same time. The computer systems were IBM mainframe computers running CICS. This is the first job I worked allowing data entry via terminals.
I returned to work at Caterpillar after my work was complete at Southern Wiping Cloth (below).

Southern Wiping Cloth, Memphis, TN from July 1981 to December 1981
Southern Wiping Cloth was a distributor to the food and cleaning service industry in the Memphis area. I was Office Manager and responsible for all computer programming, operations and support. The computer was a Data General mini-computer.

General Data Consultants, Memphis, TN from December 1978 to October 1979
I was the lead Programmer supporting on the Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and also supported the Invoicing, Inventory and General Ledger systems. GDC provided hardware and software solutions for mid-size businesses in the Memphis area. GDC tailored the software for each customer, delivered the system and provided support for our customers. The computers were Data General mini and micro computers.

Data Communications Corporation, Memphis, TN from April 1976 to December 1978
I was a computer operator for Honeywell and Burroughs computers. I was also assigned to document our tasks and procedures. I was selected as one of three (out of more than 25) operators to work on the Honeywell project. I also wrote PLI programs.

Ely and Walker, Memphis, TN from June 1974 to December 1974
I was a Computer Programmer using Assembler Language on an IBM 360 mainframe computer. Ely and Walker was a clothing manufacturer and distributor. Though this was my first programming job, I was assigned my own projects beginning less than two weeks after starting the job.

Parts Distributors Warehouse, Memphis, TN from September 1973 to June 1974
I was a Computer Operator on a Univac 9300 Mainframe computer. PDW was a automotive parts distributor.

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