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I am seeking a part-time telecommute or remote job that allows me to utilize my software development skills and supplement my retirement pay. After retiring from FedEx in December, 2013 I have been doing volunteer programming as a remote developer.

My ideal job is to work for a company that needs an application (web or server) written by an experienced, independent telecommute programmer to give them a quality product with frequent reviews along the way to confirm the delivered product is meeting the company's needs. My experience enables me to carry the project end-to-end, from design, development and testing to implementation.

I would bring a diverse and high level of varied skills to my new employer. I desire a job that offers challenging work and requires deep thinking. I prefer part-time work that allows me to work from home and has flexible hours.

I am a fast-cycle developer. Producing a working prototype assures the proper results are being attained, before refining the code to production level. Quickly creating a working prototype allows me to review the goals of the project with my customer to verify the direction we are taking will produce the desired results. I believe in aligning closely with my supervisor, and I readily adapt to new assignments. I believe the key to success in any job is doing work you enjoy and maintaining a good working relationship with your immediate supervisor to achieve the goals of the company. I enjoy learning new things, but my experience with PHP/MySQL development allows me to deliver quality work quickly, whether it be web or application development. Both for my own benefit and the support team, I desire to write monitoring tools for the server and application that notify someone if things are not working properly.

I am very good at taking massive amounts of data and producing meaningful summaries or reports. My previous employer gave me many years of experience creating useful web, spreadsheet and report summaries from scan data. I also found it rewarding to write a load balancing program to show the most efficient way to redistribute the weight of the load inside an airplane, allowing it to fly safely. My work experience covers many industries, including warehousing and distribution, transportation, banking and I.T. services. This experience has given me the opportunity to work with web, back end, client-server and application development.
I am proficient in developing code using a text editor and command line compiler, though I have used GUI software development tools like JBuilder and Visual Basic.

My database experience includes MySQL, Oracle, Informix, Sybase and Unify. Because I have done most of my work via command line, I have the added knowledge and understanding of what is going on inside when GUI tools generate scripts.

In all my jobs, I have been given responsibility for projects early on and always received excellent performance reviews. My managers have commonly commented on how well I work unsupervised and how well I handle situations, bringing them solutions rather than problems to solve.

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